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Paul Bauer, 2014. Follow me on Flickr!

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100.000 m2. Market hall

Bornagraphique by Bobby Born

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Staircase, skylight, Calder © 2014 by Kevin Nance

(Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, designed by Josef Paul Kleihues)

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Ban Shigeru: Expo in Hanover

As an expression of sustainable architecture – a central theme of the Expo – the pavilion was constructed with recycled materials that can be dismantled and used again. Over the main hall is a lattice-grid shell of cardboard tubes. The end walls are in a cable-tensioned cardboard honeycomb construction, while the roof skin consists of a five-layer fire- and waterproof ­paper membrane. Even the sand-filled steel foundations can be removed and used again later. Extensive trials were necessary to obtain planning approval, however. The structure had to be reinforced with curved timber ladder gir­ders, which, together with the steel stays, form the real load-bearing elements; and the paper membrane had to be covered with an additional PVC fabric.

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Source: Modern Architecture: ED PETER GÖSSEL Published by: Taschen


house in the mountains ~ wolff architects


Neuer Zollhof Düsseldorf Germany

Architect: Frank O. Gehry

Photographs: Francisco Lopez

Skagway, Alaska

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Movie Theaters in South India | Stefanie Zoche